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Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions


In order to make a reservation for our fl-limoservice.com service, it is best to call as early as you can know the date and time of the occasion. A reservation made earlier will guarantee that the limousine you require is in stock. To reserve a limousine, call us and make a reservation for our fl-limoservice.com service by phone or online!

No cancellations

It is recommended to stay clear of an absence. Do not leave when your driver isn’t at the pickup location. Instead of walking away, contact our office so we can contact the driver to relay the exact location or arrange for new transportation. There will be the cost of your ride if you’re not in the same area as the driver or he fails to reach you. The entire cost of the journey is included in the cost.

Should something come up that has caused you a delay (traffic or family issues, a hair appointment, etc.) Then, simply contact our drivers instead of letting them sit. The driver will only wait at the location you normally pick up – whether it’s in the city center or at a private location. If you’re coming from an airport, the driver will wait up to one hour. During the waiting period, the driver and the office will try to contact you to determine the reason for the delay and to ensure that you are still in need of the transportation you have arranged. Unfortunately, if there is no response, a late fee will be charged in addition to the no-show fee, and the driver is required to be required to return to the office.

If you are running behind schedule, please be sure to ask that the driver waits for you. They will wait for you, and they will ensure everyone is satisfied when they finish each day, regardless of any initial difficulties.

Damages to the vehicle

Sometimes, a passenger may be intoxicated, or sometimes the pet escapes from its pet carrier and suffers an accident. We know that accidents do happen, regardless of the cause. We will fairly compensate for any damages that were caused by the passengers in transportation. Here at our fl-limoservice.com service, you will be given an honest and accurate cost for the cleaning of the vehicle (in the event that someone gets sick and vomits) or restoration cost for any damage that may occur (such as a tear in fabric). The exact cost for restoration will be explained and detailed by us so that you are fully aware of what occurred and what must be taken care of.

Changes in Credit Card Terms

We want to avoid fraud on the owner of the card and also ensure that there are no outstanding balances to be paid once the trip is over. In order to accomplish this, we first check that funds are in the card used. The fund’s check will be listed as “Pending funds” on your online statement. Generally, this amount is slightly higher, so that in the event of any damages occurring in the course of your trip or drinks are required at the last minute, they are taken care of. If the outstanding amount is more than the amount accrued during the trip, the remainder will be paid and the remaining balance due is charged.


The complaints and disputes overcharges are divided into two groups: non-corporate and corporate. For corporate customers, we consider that all of the charges denoted are correct unless a complaint is made. The complaint must be made within ten working days from the date of service. To allow any dispute or complaint to be considered we require you to email us or fax us your complaints along with the charges you are disputing to allow us to look over them and resolve the issue.

Customers who are not corporate customers are subject to all charges in the same manner as they were on the date of service. However, a complaint must be made within 15 days. For corporate customers, you must also contact us via email or fax with the exact charges disputed and any complaints.

Collection Fees

If you fail to pay the balance to us for services rendered then you are responsible for all ensuing costs, including those incurred by legal counsel or litigation, accounting, and any other costs arising from legal proceedings and settlement of the initial payment.

Rate changes

We reserve the right to modify any fees or charges for any reason, except in the extremely rare case that our rates for service are raised here with the most reliable Floridalimousine company.

Itemized Invoices

To ensure that our clients and ourselves are aware of the costs and charges for services provided, we use itemized invoices. For corporate accounts, invoices will be sent out every two to four weeks. Accounts with non-corporate status will receive invoices upon request or upon receipt of charges.

Payment Due Date

If the client isn’t paying with a credit card, and we will hold the money in the account until the date of service, then payments need to be made within a specified period of time. Corporate accounts are required to pay within 15 days of receipt of the invoice itemized. Anyone who does not have an account with a corporate entity is required to pay the fees after the service has been completed.

Point to point airfare

The cost for the service is calculated based on how far the points are from one another and the zones they are situated in. Based on how many miles and points you accrue, corporate accounts may qualify for significant discounts. If you have a company account, please give one of our representatives a phone call and we’ll determine if any special discounts can be offered based on the frequency of use.

Hourly Rates

Some of our vehicles are able to be rented on an hour to an hourly basis. The service is contingent on the location of the vehicle and how many hours are required.

Waiting time

The driver will wait for the pickup time and return to the office once finishing the waiting period. If the pickup is at an airport, then the passengers will be given a 30-minute grace period for a domestic flight. International flights are granted a 45-minute grace period. In a typical pickup location, the grace period will only be 10 minutes. If it is longer than ten minutes, the wait time will be assessed.

Remember that drivers check all flights and if any delays are posted, then there’s no waiting time for the delay.


It’s natural for travelers to have to stop at a small such as a bathroom, coffee, or the bathroom, and these stops will not be charged. However, if there are long wait times or frequent stops at these stops, charges may be incurred. If you or passengers plan on having stops, call our office here at the top new Floridalimousine company to discuss any potential charges to cover them.


If any routes have tolls the customer will be charged for the charges.

Meet & Greet

In our fl-limoservice.com service, we provide a meet and greet service for our customers. Meet and greet is free on certain vehicles so be certain to inquire about which vehicles otherwise, there will be a service charge for this. For the meet and greet service the driver will be wearing an announcement with the passenger’s name on it and will wait at the exit of customs or where the baggage is picked up. The wait time for passengers is shown in the above table. They can be dependent on international or domestic flights.


Airports charge parking fees directly to clients. These fees are generally between $8 and $16 but can vary depending on the length of time that the driver has to wait for passengers. The fees are paid directly from the airport and not from our company.

T Ip

Gratuities are included in each trip and are charged however this is not the tip for the driver. You may tip your driver according to the level of service they provide and their satisfaction with the trip.

Baby Seats

Baby seats can be arranged upon inquiry. Please let us know ahead of time If you’re interested. It is recommended that guardians bring a child’s chair instead.

Holiday Surcharges

There will be additional charges for certain days or when severe weather is forecast. The amount will differ according to the duration of travel, severity, and time. The specific holidays where the cost will be charged are Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, 4 the 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.


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